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Caliburn (カリバーン Karibān) is a Demon Sword and Arthur A. Angel's familiar. He is held in a sheath on the front of Arthur's belt.[1]


Taking the shape of a stylized broadsword, Caliburn is large and heavy with no actual cutting point; rather, the edge of the blade is flat and sharp, taking a shape reminiscent of a guillotine. The golden pommel at the end of the hilt appears to possess a face which speaks without moving.


Caliburn seems almost singlemindedly obsessed with Arthur to the extent where his hobby is thinking about Arthur and his favorite words are everything Arthur says. Even his favorite pastime is defeating demons alongside the Paladin.[2]


Training Camp arc

Caliburn originally appears alongside Arthur when the Paladin attempted to kill the Spawn of Satan.[3] The execution of Rin is however postponed in favor of taking him as material evidence in the case against Mephisto Pheles.[4]

True Cross Academy Festival arc

Angel Slash

Arthur uses Angel Slash on the Impure Princess

In Yemen, Arthur arrives on the scene of a similar incident to the one that had just transpired in Kyoto. Faced with the powerful demon, the Impure Princess, Arthur remarks his disgust at having been left out of the battle with the Impure King. Determined to prove himself, he asks Caliburn to lend him power. Caliburn replies that in order to defeat the Princess, he will need a sacrifice of at least Arthur's hair. Giving it gladly, the pair attack the castle form of the Impure Princess and destroy it with a single blow.[5]

Powers & Abilities

Whilst Caliburn seems to be incapable of moving on his own, he does allow his wielder access to various powers and techniques.

Zodiac Slash

Zodiac Slash

  • Zodiac Slash: Utilizing Caliburn, Arthur encases his body in energy that takes the shape of his sword and charges upward. The attack is capable of destroying multiple enemies at once, but the higher he travels, the more momentum Arthur loses, resulting in power loss and potential interruption of the attack.[6]
  • Angel Slash (エンジェルスラッシュ Enjeru Surasshu): After cutting a lock of his hair with Caliburn, Arthur swings the Demon Sword and creates a destructive wave of energy that can completely destroy something the likes of the Impure Princess in a single hit.[7]


  • Caliburn's favorite food is Arthur’s hair.
  • Caliburn's favorite type of man is a noble, beautiful, capable paladin.
  • Caliburn is a alternative name for the holy sword, Excalibur, which was the sword wielded by King Arthur.


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