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Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 1

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Title Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 1
Release Date June 22, 2011

Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 1 is the first of two soundtrack albums containing the background music from the anime adaptation of Blue Exorcist.



1. 祓魔師強奏曲 第一楽章: Me & Creed
2. 祓魔師強奏曲 第二楽章: X
3. 祓魔師強奏曲 第三楽章: U & Cloud
4. 祓魔師強奏曲 第四楽章: D+T
5. 攻響組曲 DEVIL 第一楽章: D-Evil
6. 攻響組曲 DEVIL 第二楽章: i-AM
7. 攻響組曲 DEVIL 第三楽章: eXORCiST
8. 攻響組曲 DEVIL 第四楽章: sA†An
9. AOE組曲 第一楽章: My☆
10. AOE組曲 第二楽章: 5P+3P
11. AOE組曲 第三楽章: i9
12. AOE組曲 第四楽章: AI
13. 交狂詩 GeHeNa 第一楽章: Mephistopheles
14. 交狂詩 GeHeNa 第二楽章: A-maimon
15. 交狂詩 GeHeNa 第三楽章: Hobgoblin→MASHOU
16. アッシャー幻saw曲 第一楽章: Call me later
17. アッシャー幻saw曲 第二楽章: Tomorrow is another day
18. アッシャー幻saw曲 第三楽章: die Himmlische Musik


1. Exorcist Concerto First Movement: Me & Creed
2. Exorcist Concerto Second Movement: X
3. Exorcist Concerto Third Movement: U & Cloud
4. Exorcist Concerto Fourth Movement: D+T
5. Symphonic Suite DEVIL First Movement: D-Evil
6. Symphonic Suite DEVIL Second Movement: i-AM
7. Symphonic Suite DEVIL Third Movement: eXORCiST
8. Symphonic Suite DEVIL Fourth Movement: sA†An
9. AOE Suite First Movement: My☆
10. AOE Suite Second Movement: 5P+3P
11. AOE Suite Third Movement: i9
12. AOE Suite Fourth Movement: AI
13. Symphonic Poem GeHeNa First Movement: Mephistopheles
14. Symphonic Poem GeHeNa Second Movement: A-maimon
15. Symphonic Poem GeHeNa Third Movement: Hobgoblin→MASHOU
16. Assiah Fantasia First Movement: Call me later
17. Assiah Fantasia Second Movement: Tomorrow is another day
18. Assiah Fantasia Third Movement: The Celestial Music


  • All tracks are composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano.


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