Ryuji Suguro
Shiro Fujimoto

Bazookas are a type of portable, recoilless rocket launcher. They are mainly used by Exorcists for rear support. They come with multiple specialised shells and can also be used to invoke the power of a Demon in a similar fashion to a Tamer.[1]


Fatal Verse Judgement Bullet (致死節判定弾 Chishi-Setsu Hantei Dan): A shell that creates a blinding light and symbol in the air, it can instantly defeat a demon even if their fatal verse isn't known. However, there are demons it doesn't work on. It is standard practice for Aria to shoot one of these at the beginning of combat.[2]

Hinoyagihayao-no-kami (火之夜藝速男神 (ヒソヤギハヤヲノカミ) ): Calling upon the power of the Fire Kami, the shot manifests the head and hands of the demon who then creates a powerful blast, destroying whatever is in front of it.[3]

Varuna (水天 (ヴァルナ) ): A shell invoking the power of the Hindu Water God, Varuna. He launches forward before performing the Clear Mirror, Still Water (明鏡止水 (メイキョウシスイ)  Meikyoushisui) technique, creating a shimmering circle of reflective water in front of his enemy.[4]


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