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Arthur A. Angel
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Chapter 39

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The Angelic Legion are an elite unit of Exorcists within the True Cross Order. The current Paladin, Arthur A. Angel is it's leader.


The Angelic Legion was seemingly formed by Arthur with hand picked Exorcists from amongst the True Cross Order whom he refers to as Saints.


True Cross Academy Festival arc

The Angelic Legion are first encountered storming the Illuminati's Particle Accelerator facility in Russia.[1] They encounter a large Demon resistence and soon discovery the Artificial Gehenna Gate.[2] Upon inspection of the Gate, Lightning proposes that a specialist is required to have any hope of containing the gate, and the Legion retreats.[3]

It is later revealed that a member of the Legion was in fact spying on behalf of the Illuminati, prompting Arthur and Lewin to interrogate him.[4] This proved to be a trap however, as the spy was in fact meant to co-ordinate with his collaborator in order to contain Arthur and Lewin.[5] Ultimately, despite the spies' efforts, Lewin had seen through their efforts and instead ended up extorting information about the planned abduction of Izumo Kamiki.[6]

When Lucifer declares war on the True Cross Order, one of his Seraphim appears before the members of the Angelic Legion.[7]


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