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Sea God

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Atami Sunrise Beach

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Chapter 36

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Amatsumi Hiko () is the Sea God that presides over the area around Atami Sunrise Beach.[1]


Amatsumi Hiko appears as a giant sperm whale with multiple horns on top of its head and two large tusks pointing forward near its jaw. Two more horn-like structures take the place of the creature's hump, and a distinct, X-shaped scar at the front of its head.[2]

Unlike a typical whale, Amatsumi Hiko's pelvic fins are actually a pair of legs to allow locomotion on land.[3]


Amatsumi is kind and noble despite his home being intruded upon.


As the battle against the Kraken continues outside, Amatsumi awakes to find Rin Okumura, Yukio Okumura, and Shiemi Moriyama at his doorstep. After introducing itself, it senses Rin is of "Royal linage" and asks for help in protecting his home from the Kraken. Shura Kirigakure overhears this request and immediately tells the trio to give any offerings they can.[4] After the intake of offerings and while Rin and Yukio are having a discussion, the Kraken grabs Shiemi and takes here away. Amatsumi then says that it will deal with the Kraken while Rin and Yukio save Shiemi. It then busts through the island.[5]

Once outside, Amatsumi warns Yukio and Rin that once he starts fighting he will not be able to hold back, and that they should rescue Shiemi quickly. It then launches itself at the Kraken..[6] After a lengthy battle, Amatsumi then lies on the beach. It tells the Greenman that after it's death it will be the oldest being of the sea and that its up to them. Rin then compliments Amatsumi. It then says Rin is a strange one before closing it's eyes and disintegrating.[7]


  • Amatsumi Hiko is inspired by the deity known as Watatsumi from Japanese mythology.


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